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Making the Most of Your Marketing: How to “Sell” As a Non-Profit

It can difficult to merge the two minds of marketer or public relations expert and being invested in a non-profit organization. For, a non-profit is considered with exactly that — using all resources effectively toward a cause, while keeping nothing — or very little — available for growth. Most, if not all, of your revenue comes from charitable donations, which rely on the whims of those who already have money.

This is where the dichotomy sets in. To get the money, a non-profit needs to wade into the water of the for-profit, and representatives should not be afraid of getting their feet wet. To get the money, you need people to know about you and your cause, and that means you need to get ready to do some marketing.

Hubspot’s marketing blog has an extremely informative article about this, “How to Stretch Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Resources.” Here’s a snippet:

“At face value, it may seem like nonprofits have an uphill battle to fight. In a world where big CPG brands have infinite dollars to spend on marketing, how can the smaller players keep up and compete for attention spans that are already spread thin? How can nonprofits afford marketing when their organizations are, by definition, not structured around ROI?”

And here’s one of their ideas:

Repurpose Your Assets

If you do decide to create an ebook or series of blog posts, make sure to make the most out of your investment. Turn an ebook into 5 blog posts and 5 blog posts into an ebook. Use templates wherever possible (i.e. if you’re hiring a designer, create layouts that you can reuse for multiple assets).

Read more here.

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Using Stories to Make Their Mouths Water: Marketing for Food Companies and Restaurants

Are you a restaurant or food company planning another foray into the wide world of marketing, but feel that your trade show displays and other promotional material just aren’t cutting it anymore?

Maybe that’s because your competitors know something you don’t: story sells.

We’ve been hearing it for years that to sell more, you need to grab people’s attention and connect with using people-oriented stories. Well, there’s a really specific way to do this in the restaurant and food industry, and the iMedia Connection blog clues us in with their piece on “4 New Rules of Food Marketing:”

“It’s not enough for a food product to taste good or be healthy. For a restaurant, it’s not enough to have a great menu and attractive setup. For any food brand, origin stories are becoming increasingly important. Consumers are interested in where their food comes from, whether it’s the origins of the recipes or the origins of the actual ingredients used in the dish they are eating.”

People want to feel conencted to their food. It’s not enough now to feature a mouth-watetering image fo a plate of spaghetti — or even mention great grandma-ma’s secret blend of herbs and spices. Your customers want to know where their SPECIFIC food is coming from: who’s making it, where the ingredients are coming from, who’s farming those ingredients.

“The farm-to-table trend … has shown that consumers are interested in talking about where things originate.”

Even companies like McDonald’s have taken advantage of this, featuring smiling beef and egg farmers to assure restaurant visitors that their burgers are made with “100% Canadian Beef.”

Next time you’re planning out those trade show banners, stop and ask yourself how you can show the people behind the product.

You can find more advice on how to do this over on the Hubspot Marketing blog: “The Psychology of Stories: The Storytelling Formula Our Brains Crave

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Be a Trade Show Superstar!

While the marketing world may seem like it’s shifting inexorably into the cloud, becoming more and more focused on Skype meetings and organic Google searches instead of sales calls and lead prospecting, there’s still one place where everyone knows they can get the sales leads that they need: the trade show.

The Hubspot Marketing Blog offers up “75 Tips to Generate Sales Leads From a Trade Show” in a free presentation via Slideshare that are invaluable tips for any company, from start-ups to mid-fielders to established brands.

Here’s a snippet:

“In the internet age, trade shows shouldn’t be your sole source of leads….

But most every industry has one event that is the event. Everyone who’s anyone attends, and that includes your customers, competitors, and a heaping helping of potential buyers. Your company simply must be represented on the vendor floor — no ifs, ands, or buts about it.”

The Trade Show is still one of the fastest, easiest ways to find prospects, because everyone is guaranteed to be there for one purpose: to find that company that can help them do great things. To find you, basically.

Here are a few choice tips:

5) Email coupons to current customers ahead of the event, telling them to turn them in at your booth for a special gift.

10) Look into becoming a speaker for a panel or roundtable discussion. – See more at:

34) Attend panels and presentations, and network with prospects or potential business partners who may be able to work out a reciprocal referral program with you. – See more at:

Follow the link for more, and, of course, help set yourself up for success by visitng Signworld Canada for all the nitty-gritty physical booth stuff:

How LED Light Fixtures Can Help You Save A LOT of Money

A lot of people are still skeptical about using LED Light Bulbs in their homes and DIY projects — but they shouldn’t be, especially not when the price of LEDs has dropped to these levels! Here are a few reasons why choosing LED Light Fixtures may be the smartest lighting decision you ever make. deluxe-design-home-pool-ceiling-led-lighting

LEDs use less energy than Incandescent or Compact Flourescent (CFL) Bulbs:

An incandescent bulb will typically use 60 watts to emit 750-900 lumens of light — a watt being the method of measuring how much power a device consumes. By contrast, the same level of lumens can be emitted from a CFL Bulb that consumes just 13-18 watts. But the clear winner is the LED Bulb, which consumes a tiny 6-8 watts to emit the same quality of light. To put this into financial terms, The average price of electricity in Ontario is around $0.15 per kwh. If you’re using a typical Incandescent bulb, you’re using 525.6 kwh/year. This translates into an energy consumption cost of $78.84. A CFL? That’s cost you the slightly lower price of $12.04-23.65 per year. An LED bulb will only cost you $7.88-10.51!

LEDs last longer than other bulbs:

Hemming and hawing because LED bulbs cost “more” than traditional, cheap incandescent bulbs? Think long-term: The average life of a traditional incandescent bulb is 1200 hours, while a CFL will last about 10 times that. An LED bulb can last up to 50,000 hours, 5 times greater than a CFL bulb, and 50 times greater than the old filament bulb. That means you’ll be buying a lot fewer light bulbs over time when you purchase LED light fixtures.

LEDs are brighter than other bulbs:

LEDs offer a more directional light than other traditional bulbs — which means that you get brighter light where you need it most, without any waste. This saves you time, and, consequently, money. You’ll be able to get by with one very bright LED light fixture, as opposed to two or more dim incandescent light bulbs.

Try out an LED light fixture today, and start saving!

Plan the Ultimate Holiday Party With LED Lighting

We here at Signworld Canada love the holidays. There’s always so many different display options and themes you could go with to make the most out of the space you already have! But how can you throw the ultimate Christmas or holiday party? All it takes is a little lighting.

Start at the Front Door:

Turn the entrance to your home into a portal to fun by using a Flexible Color Changing LED Light Strip Kit to create designs and shapes that regular string lights just can’t match. Not to mention the fact that LEDs are way more energy efficient and will last for years before needing to be replaced, unlike those classic incandescent bulbs our parents all used.

Move On Into the Living Room:

Signworld Canada‘s talked about the importance of ambiance before, and there’s no better way to get people schmoozing and having a good time then to set the mood for them. Attach a few LED strips to the bottom of your furniture, and your guests can’t help but feel more festive.

The set listed in the above tutorial is quoted at $210, but you can get them from Signworld Canada for only $39.99 (plus tax and shipping)!

Get them to the Patio:

It’s supposed to be a warm winter this year, so just in case, extend your party out into the backyard by lighting your patio up. Our LED light strip kit is water-proof, so even if we do experience some flurries, your guests won’t be left in the dark.

Flexible Color Changing LED Light Strip Kits can be purchased from our consumer website,

4 Ways to Use LED Lights That Will Change Your Life

LEDs are the lighting solution of the future: there are no other lighting technologies as energy efficient, inexpensive, or versatile as the humble LED. We all know that LED Downlights can be used as basic lighting fixtures in place of incandescent bulbs, but they can also be used in many places where incandescent — and even compact fluorescent — light bulbs simply cannot be.

Just remember — don’t try this at home unless you’re experienced with installing light fixtures. LED’s still pack enough electricity to be a shock or fire hazard.

Show off Your Wear:

closet lighting ideas

All it takes is some ingenuity, work, and —  of course — a few LED Light Fixtures — and you can have a closet worthy of being shown off instead of tucked away. Go with warm light so that it feels like a natural part of your home, and getting dressed int he morning will feel a little more glamorous.

Illuminate Your Drawers:

led drawer light downlight strip

Stop fumbling around in the dark for, ironically, that flashlight. Now your drawers can light up every time you open them! Install LED downlight fixtures into your cabinets, or use the Flexible Color changing LED Light Strip Kit to shine some light on your messy drawer situation.

Watch Your Step with LED Stair Lights:

LED downlight light stairs interactive safety.jpg

That late night trek into the kitchen won’t be so precarious when you install your own Interactive LED Stair Lights. Use the Bright White lights to save money, energy, and maybe even your life when you’re wondering around in the dark.

Make Your Fridge Brighter:

led fridge light strip

Now, ponder whether ALL of the lights go off when you close the refrigerator, and improve your ability to check expiration dates, by installing simple new lighting with LED strips or modules.

You can purchase all of these LED products at our main consumer website,


4 Awesome DIY Ways to Man-Up Your Man Cave

The key to a good Man Cave is good ambiance. And what’s the best way to achieve good ambiance?


Lighting can turn an old room into a cozy study or a dank parlor. Here are 4 ways you can use awesome lighting to take your inner sanctum from “Former Child’s Bedroom” to “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.”

Just remember — don’t try this at home unless you’re an experienced hobbyist. LED’s still pack enough electricity to be a shock or fire hazard.

A Drum Light Made From an Actual Drum:

drum light.jpg


You can really turn up the volume in your musically-inspired man cave by turning an old, busted drum into a cool hanging lamp shade. This tutorial suggests buying a pendant light kit, but a modified LED Down Light would provide brighter, more energy-efficient light at a fraction of the overall power cost.

Back-Lit Silhouettes and Posters:

batman LED sign

A man cave should be a place where a man can be surrounded by his personality; his passions, his interests, and his 2-foot wide Batman emblems. Give your posters and other art a cool glow when the lights go out by hanging them over LED Down lights installed into a wall, or by attaching LED Strip Lights to the back of them.

LED Coasters:

LED light up coaster

A man cave should, above all else, be dim, if not dark — it mirrors the feeling one has stepping into an old lodge or your favorite pub. The only trouble is that you might not be able to see your beer from time to time. That’s where this project comes in – Light-Up LED Coasters.

Our LED Downlights are flat, which makes them perfect for modifying into light-up coasters. You can even use a selection of LED modules if you’re feeling gutsy enough to build one from scratch.

Show Off Your Video Game Collection:

video game console spotlight shelves LEDs


Even as Grown Men, we still love our electronic toys. In the recesses of our man caves, not only do we want to play our favorite games, we want to show off our collections, too. The clever use of LED Down Lights installed into the tops of basic shelves can really help show off what your passionate about, whether its video games, props, sports memorabilia, or books.

You can purchase all of these LED products at our main consumer website,

Outdoor LED Lightboxes Light the Way

We here at Signworld Canada don’t limit ourselves to worrying about your trade show and convention presence — we want to help you promote yourselves in every aspect of your business. It’s why we offer everything from the full-on Trade Show Display Booth Package to Street Pole Banners. And what’s more important for a Canadian business than the sign that hangs right outside your door?GNW01-2T

The Outdoor LED Light Box Sign is a classic way to let passersby know who you are and why you’re there: you’ve probably seen them hanging outside of establishments as diverse as the local Pub or the ubiquitous Starbucks. There’s a good reason these business jump on board the LED Outdoor Light Box Train: they work, and they work well.

Think about it for a minute. Potential customers can see your business fine in the daytime, but you really want to stand out in the darkness of night. An LED Outdoor Light Box can help you there; the light is right in the name.

But what if you already have a few lights illuminating your awning, or that flat, static sign that hangs above your window? Well, unless you sign juts out a foot or two into the street, your patrons will have to wait until they’re right on top of you before they even know you’re there. An LED Outdoor Light Box can be bolted to your front wall, so people can see it all the way down the street. They might be turning into your competitor, but when they catch a glimpse of your bright sign, displaying your snazzy logo, or maybe even an image of some of the delicious food you serve… well, maybe they’ll change their minds.

3 Quick Tips For a Winning Trade Show Booth Display Package

Trade Show Booth Display Package

Summer is coming, and with it, some of the hottest trade shows and conventions of the year, in multiple industries: the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show, the Burlington Home and Better Living Show, and of course, the Toronto FanExpo. Every business needs to attend these events to pursue new customers and hang onto their loyal ones. Here are three quick tips to make sure that you stand out from the crowd and avoid getting lost in it.
Make It Bright:

LED Lights Wave Tube Display

The old adage in marketing goes that if your customers can’t find you, they can’t buy from you. This is especially true at trade shows and conferences. Your Trade Show Booth Package should be bright and well lit, drawing attentnion to you and the wonderful things your company does. To this end, make sure you’ve got enough lighting, like our LED lights for our Pop-Up Displays and Wave Tube Displays.

Give Them Something to Remember You By:

Literature Racks

While some customers and clients might be snapping photos of the good times they’ll have with you and your company, most will visit your booth, ask some questions, and maybe file you away for later consideration. You want them to remember you when they get back to the office and empty out their bags. That’s why you want to include a literature rack or Magazine Stand in your booth package. Leads can walk away with a pamphlet or catalog showing everything you can do for them, and it might just nudge them toward making the right decision.

Consistent Branding -- Magnum Wear Parts
Consistent Branding:

Rustic, charming, and haphazard might work for certain kinds of businesses, but when you set up your Trade Show Booth Package, you want a well-integrated stage upon which you act out your role as Successful Entrepreneur. Everything should be representative of your business’ identity, from the 10′ Pop-Up Display backdrops, to the Table Throws, to the aforementioned brochures and flyers. You don’t want to rush this. Hire a graphic designer — a good one — and give them all the instruction they need to ensure that your brand’s identity is consistent across all of your promotional material.

Consider this your quick and easy “cheat sheet” when you’re putting together your next Trade Show Booth Display Package.