Making the Most of Your Marketing: How to “Sell” As a Non-Profit

It can difficult to merge the two minds of marketer or public relations expert and being invested in a non-profit organization. For, a non-profit is considered with exactly that — using all resources effectively toward a cause, while keeping nothing — or very little — available for growth. Most, if not all, of your revenue comes from charitable donations, which rely on the whims of those who already have money.

This is where the dichotomy sets in. To get the money, a non-profit needs to wade into the water of the for-profit, and representatives should not be afraid of getting their feet wet. To get the money, you need people to know about you and your cause, and that means you need to get ready to do some marketing.

Hubspot’s marketing blog has an extremely informative article about this, “How to Stretch Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Resources.” Here’s a snippet:

“At face value, it may seem like nonprofits have an uphill battle to fight. In a world where big CPG brands have infinite dollars to spend on marketing, how can the smaller players keep up and compete for attention spans that are already spread thin? How can nonprofits afford marketing when their organizations are, by definition, not structured around ROI?”

And here’s one of their ideas:

Repurpose Your Assets

If you do decide to create an ebook or series of blog posts, make sure to make the most out of your investment. Turn an ebook into 5 blog posts and 5 blog posts into an ebook. Use templates wherever possible (i.e. if you’re hiring a designer, create layouts that you can reuse for multiple assets).

Read more here.

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