Bringing Home the Bacon: Marketing For and To Farmers


It’s become increasingly difficult to become a success — let alone make a living — as a farmer over the past few years. Increases in technological investments, government regulation, and competition have all contributed to the decline of small farms and agricultural companies.

On the other side of that sentiment is the fact that consumers in the western word are becomign icnreasingly mor einterested in the “buy local,” “organic” ethos that has propelled the proliferation of tiny farmers markets and artisan shops.

How can you kee your head above water and snatch up these valuable consumers who want to know the story of their food, from farm to plate?

Hubspot’s Marketing blog has an interesting article about how marketing by and to farmers and agriculture companies :

Farmer’s Market(ing)

“…farmers are also conscientious stewards of the land, water and animals in their care. They are the people that volunteer for the fire department, coach t-ball, sit on school boards and church councils, send their kids into the military and remember to take off their hats when the national anthem plays. They know their neighbors and support each other when times are tough.”

If you’re going to sell to farmers, or be a farmer, you have to know the mindset of what being a farmer is all about. And I think that snippet up there sums it up pretty nicely.

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