It’s Not A Vacation: How to Make the Most of Your Next Trade Show

The Business-to-Business Community blog is a font of knowledge and advice when it comes to making the most of your next trade show. If you want prospects to be storming your booth, take one of their latest Tips guides to heart:

As booths get more and more creative, the standard type of presentation must be tossed aside. The following are a few key concepts to jazz up your booth and increase traffic.


  • Experiential Marketing: Customers want an experience these days, and creating one in your booth is the best way to get your brand out there. People are more inclined to remember an experience over a dry sales pitch. This can include concepts like a photo booth, virtual reality experience, or interactive kiosk.

Photo booths are inexplicably trendy these days, and you can easily make a space for one using a retractable vinyl banner or a backdrop. People love this kind of stuff, and makes your experience stand out from the rest.


World Heavy Oil Congress 1




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