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Neon Liquid Chalk Markers: The Advantages

Other than looking bright and colourful, did you know that there are other benefits and advantageous reasons as to why Neon Liquid Chalk Markers are better than traditional chalk? We’ve listed a few of them below. Take a look at them and consider whether or not Liquid Chalk Markers are the suitable alternative for you.


One longtime drawback of the traditional chalk has always been the enormous amount of dust that comes with using them. Wiping them clean from the chalkboard is a major inconvenience and distastefulness, especially for those who are extra sensitive to dust. Not to mention the many health problems that may result of excess contact with dust. Health problems such as respiratory issues can all easily be triggered by regular contact with dust, and chalk dust is no different. Some examples of serious respiratory issues include: asthma, tuberculosis, and allergies.

The dusty particles also make cleaning them off the writing surface a major hassle. Not to mention the burdening smears that are caused by the dust of chalks, these reasons of inconvenience alone should be enough to make one develop a distaste for traditional chalk usage.

Liquid Chalk Markers offer an alternative to traditional chalks. They leave no traces of dust whatsoever and the only smears you’ll get can easily be washed off with a simple rinse of water. Wiping off of the writing surface is also easier than ever. With just a lightly dabbed tissue, your board can be wiped crisp clean in a matter of seconds.


Enhanced Clarity

The visibility of writings done with liquid chalk markers are exponentially increased compared to traditional chalk. The smooth and precise colour trail, along with the vibrant neon selection of colours, allow for the messages written with these markers to be seen from a much greater distance. The solid definition of writing produced by the markers also add to the clarity and readability of the neon markers.

MarkerLarge 2


Regular chalk is exposed to easily breaking for reasons such as a simple fall or a slight excessive exert of pressure when writing. Along with that is the lack of comfort when writing with them. Liquid Chalk Markers are ergonomically designed to keep your hands pain-free when you write with them, as well as preventing them from staining your hands or breaking due to pressure. handjointpain


Liquid Chalk Markers allow you to practically write on any flat smooth surface you find necessary. Unlike regular chalk, which are restricted in surfaces that they are compatible with, Liquid Chalk Markers can be written on just about any surface, including slippery ones.

As you can see, Liquid Chalk Markers make a no-brainer substitute for the traditional chalk. Whether it be for health, practical, or convenience reasons, Liquid Chalk Markers are the better alternative. We at Signworld Canada offer two sizes of Liquid Chalk Markers: Large and Small


The Benefits of Canvas Art Printing

Do you have a photo or image that you treasure and want to show to everyone? Maybe a photo of your wedding, a newborn, an anniversary, or a memorable vacation?


Our Canvas Art Printing offers an affordable way for you to give life to these memories and display them anywhere you want. With our numerous variations and sizes, you can mix and match any combination you can think of and select from a number of different orientations. Our selections include

1. Photo Canvas Print – Square,

2. Photo Canvas Print – Digital Camera (4:3),

3. Photo Canvas Print – Digital SLR Camera (3:2),

4. Photo Canvas Print – Panorama

5. Photo Canvas Print – Side-by-Side Panels

6. Photo Canvas Print – Top-and-Bottom Panels

7. Photo Canvas Print – Triple Side-By-Side

8. Photo Canvas Print – Triple Stacked

9. Photo Canvas Print – Quadruple Rectangles

10. Photo Canvas Print – Quadruple Squares

11. Photo Canvas Print – 5-Piece Panorama Wave

Your images are printed in-house from our premium printers and are handcrafted through a unique treatment process so that the canvases last longer than ones you may find elsewhere. Our canvas prints are also guaranteed to turn out looking clear and crisp due to our resolution requirements for images that customers send us.


We also provide many extra services free of charge when it comes to our Canvas Art Prints. Our design team have a selection of great looking filters that add a bit of spice to your photos. We have a large selection of 14 different styles, so there is one for everyone.


Aside from the filters are our canvas wrapped borders. Here, we offer 4 different wrapping methods, each with its own unique advantages. Our “Straight Wrap” method is wrapped in a way that your entire image covers the canvas, utilizing the original edges of your photo as the border for your canvas. The “Stretch Wrap” method allows you to keep your entire original image intact, while stretching the edges of your image so that the area used to wrap your border are not part of your original image. The “Colour Border Wrap” method allows you to choose any colour you want to be your border. This method also allows you to keep your entire original image intact, but instead of using excess parts of your image, a solid colour is used instead. Our final wrapping method, which is also a customer favourite, is the “Mirror Border Wrap”. This border creates a reflection effect on the edges, giving it a unique and eye-catching look. This method also keeps your original image completely intact on the front of the canvas.


Our Canvas Art Prints make excellent gift choices for anyone. Our loyal and satisfied customers return time and time again because they are just so happy with the reaction they get when they gift our Canvas Art Prints. But don’t take our word for it, you need to try it first-hand to know exactly what we’re talking about!

Signworld Canada’s Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand, Premium Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand, and Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand Pro Line-Up

Signworld Canada offers 3 main banner stand models. The Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands, the Premium Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands, and the Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands Pro Line-Up. What are the differences between these 3 you may ask? This article is to explain just that.

The Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands are the most economically friendly of the 3. It allows a lot of flexibility to the user in terms of compatible banner sizes due to its adjustable telescopic pole. The allowable height for this hardware ranges anywhere between 34″ ~ 78″. The width is fixed at 33″. The stand weighs at around 5.3 lbs and comes with a nylon bag for easy carrying. The stand itself is an anodized aluminum case, which is used to safely store your banner when not in use. Custom Banner Prints are available for this product, as well as LED Banner Stand Lights.

33InchBannerStand 33InchBannerStandSet 2 33InchBannerStandSetBannerStandLightBannerStandLight2

The next tier up in terms of banner stands are the Premium Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands. These stands are Signworld Canada‘s best-sellers. The reason being that although more expensive than the Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands, these stands are still very much on the economically friendly side. After one glance, customers will see the evident difference between the Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands and the Premium Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands. The Premium Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands has a chrome polished finish on its sides, as well as a much larger base, providing a much sturdier and heavy presence. The Premium Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands offer a bit more flexibility in terms of height compared to its counterpart. The allowable height ranges from 34″ ~ 80″. The Base is fixed, depending on the size chosen. The weight is 13 lbs per stand. The stands also come with nylon carrying bags for easy transport. Custom Banner Prints are also available for this product, as well as LED Banner Stand Lights.

33IInchPremiumRollUpRetractableBannerStandNew33IInchPremiumRollUpRetractableBannerStandStand 33IInchPremiumRollUpRetractableBannerStandSet BannerStandLight2  BannerStandLight

Lastly, The Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands Pro Line-Up are the high end banner stands. Right off the bat, customers are able to see the enormous difference between this stand and its other two counterparts. The base is designed with a sleek modern look, finished with chrome polishes on the sides. It is much wider but actually less heavier compared to its lower tier counterpart. The product offers a flexible height of 85″ ~  92″ for the banner and weighs at a lightweight of 12 lbs. The width, just like the other models, are fixed at a given value. This model comes with a much better and sturdier hard carrying case. Custom Banner Prints are available for this product, as well as LED Banner Stand Lights.

36InchRollUpRetractableBannerStandProLine-Up 36InchRollUpRetractableBannerStandProLine-UpPole 36InchRollUpRetractableBannerStandProLine-UpSet 36InchRollUpRetractableBannerStandProLine-UpStand BannerStandLight BannerStandLight2

Trade Show Products

How to Create Success at a Trade Show

Banner Stands are vital to a booth’s presentation. Banner Stands allow vendors to present very important information easily and conveniently. Banner Stands are also a great way to organize your main points while offering the ability to display it in a artistic and attractive manner.


Backdrops are also very crucial to a vendor’s presentation. Many vendors use a combination of Banner Stands and backdrops. The most popular backdrops used are 10′ Wave Tube Displays and 10′ Fabric Pop Up Displays. Although more expensive, the effects of their presentation are in-deniable. While most places charge a substantial amount of dollars for these types of backdrops, Signworld Canada Inc. offers these very exact same products for a fraction of the market price. The products are identical, but they are able to sell them at a very competitive price. A great addition to these products is the LED Light for Wave Tube and LED Light for Fabric Pop Display. These lights add an extra sense of appeal to your display and draws your audience’s attention to your backdrop so that you can take advantage of this attention and promote your business.

PWT21                   PPP11

If your business is on a smaller budget for whatever reason, Signworld Canada Inc. offers multiple alternatives. Banner Stand Walls such as the Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand Wall 10′, the Premium Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand Wall 10′, and the Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand Wall 10′ – Pro Line Up are all great economically-friendly ways to create backdrops for your booth. The difference between the 3 different walls are the Banner Stands that they are presented in. The Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand Wall 10′ is executed with three 33″ Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands. The Premium Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand Wall 10′ is executed with three 33″ Premium Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands. The Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand Wall 10′ – Pro Line Up is executed with three 36″ Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand – Pro Line Up.


The other economically-friendly alternative is the Telescopic Banner Stand or the Step-And-Repeat. The telescopic design allows you to adjust the height from 36″ – 96″ and the width from 52″ – 95″.

Telescopic Banner Stand stand2

For all the products listed above, Signworld Canada Inc. also offers Banner Printing Services

Some other key accessories that vendors use are Literature Racks. These racks are used to hold any advertising brochures or pamphlets that they want to give out to potential clients. Literature Racks come in all different shapes and sizes. The portable mesh racks such as the 4-Pocket Mesh Portable Literature Stand for Trade Shows and the 8-Pocket Mesh Portable Literature Stand for Trade Shows offer easy-to-setup and transportable options. These models come in 3 pieces and take literally 10 seconds to setup. Another option is the more sophisticated Mobile Stand Magazine Racks. These racks come in 3 different models. The 6-Pocket Mobile Stand Magazine Rack – Medium, the 6-Pocket Mobile Stand Magazine Rack – Large, and the 4-Shelf Mobile Stand Magazine Rack are all easy to assemble and provide an added touch to your booth. There is also the one piece 6-Pocket Pop-Up Folding Magazine Stand which folds up and down for easy setup and take-down. 

6-Pocket Mobile Stand Magazine Rack - Medium4-Pocket Mesh Portable Literature Stand for Trade Shows6-Pocket Pop-Up Folding Magazine Stand

Signworld Canada Inc. also provides ready-to-go Trade Show Packages that come ready to go, right out of the package.

Other accessories include Table Throws  

6Ft 4-Sided Table Throw

All in all, there are so many products out there that the possibilities of combinations are endless for a trade show. But at the end of the day, what matters most is the price you pay, and Signworld Canada Inc. offers some of the best products for the lowest prices you can find!

For more information for trade shows or trade show tips, visit this link to help get you started!

Advantages of Trade Show Packages

Trade Show Package Banner

The Trade Show Packages offered at Signworld Canada Inc. are separated into different tiers, so there is a package that is suitable for anyone. Whether you are a first time vendor, or someone who has lots of experience already, there is a package on the website suitable for you.

The Silver Class Package is perfect for first time vendors because it offers the essentials that one needs for a basic booth. The package comes with a Telescopic Banner Stand, the33″ Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand, and the 4-Pocket Mesh Portable Literature Stand for Trade Shows.


The Gold Class Package is excellent for vendors who are more conscience about the appearance of their booth. The Premium Retractable Banner Stand provides a cleaner and professional look. The 10′ Wave Tube Display adds a very elegant feel to the booth and creates a spacious environment and allows for an excellent presentation platform. This package upgrades the 4-Pocket Mesh Portable Literature Stand for Trade Shows to the 8-Pocket Mesh Portable Literature Stand for Trade Shows.


The Gold Class Essential Package is a variation from the previous Gold Class Packagementioned. It substitutes the 8-Pocket Mesh Portable Literature Stand for Trade Show with a 6ft 3-Sided Table Throw, providing vendors with a beautiful yet professional look to their booth. The 6ft 3-Sided Table Throw allows for vendors to print graphics such as their own logo, allowing them to add a sense of consistency to their booth’s appearance.


The Platinum Class Package is the following tier up in terms of presentation and professionalism. The 10′ Fabric Pop-Up Display provides a solid backdrop for your booth and offers a beautifully printed graphic. Its design allows it to be easily packaged and set up in a matter of seconds. The Premium Retractable Banner Stand is upgraded into the36″ Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand – Pro Line-Up. The base has a beautifully finished chrome touch as well as a much sturdier appearance. The mesh literature stands are upgraded to the metal 6-Pocket Pop-Up Folding Magazine Stands. This product is a one-piece build and can be easily assembled and put away.

TSP-P01 revised

Lastly, the Diamond Class Package is at the top of the line. It includes the best products in each category which consists of the 10′ Fabric Pop-Up Display, the 36″ Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand – Pro Line-Up, as well as the 6ft 3-Sided Table Throw . It is the definition of professionalism and elegance, all combined into one package.


The above are the different trade show packages offered by Signworld Canada Inc. They benefit people of all sorts, whether it is your first trade show, or a countless one, all these packages have something to offer to everyone! They let you leave the hardware to them, so that you can focus on your software and your audience!

How to Set Up A Conference with Banner Stands

Meeting Room Set-ups and Styles

We recommend all conference organizer to use Our Roll Up Banner Stand to grab the most attention from the audience. Our Banner Stands comes in varies sizes ranging from 24″ to 57″ in width and 34″ to 96″ in height. For a even bigger impact, we also have Telescopic Banner Stand to satisfy your display needs. Finally, You can always line up your Banner Stands and turn it into a 10′ wall. Most exhibitors love to use our pop-up and wave tube displays to maximize the total impact as well.

Auditorium Style


Auditorium style is best fit for shorter lecture as well when note taking is not a necessity.

Banquet Style

Banquet Style

Used for meals and small groups discussions.

Hollow Square Style

Hollow Square Style

Appropriate for groups fewer than 40 where there is a group leader or panel seated at the head of the set up.




Most desirable for long lectures. For large numbers tables will need to be rented.

U-Shape Style

U-Shape Style

U-Shape Style