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Branding 101: How to Create Custom Trade Show Graphics

Have you been eying one of our professional Retractable Banner Stands, or maybe even the sleek Trade Show Counter, but you’re feeling a little overhelmed by the prcoess of creating print-ready graphics?

In this blog post, we’ll put your worries to rest by explaining exactly how you can create professional looking graphics to meet our specifications. Save time and avoid headaches by going DIY!

For the purposes of this tutorial we’re going to be using GIMP, a free image editor available for download here:

Once the program is installed, open it up and we can begin to create the banner artwork. Click on File>New .


A dialogue box will appear that looks like so:


We need a few more options than what is provided by default so click the + Advanced Options icon, and fill in these boxes.

Since we’ve ordered a PDE03P we’re going to need to make this file 33” wide by 78” tall. Make sure to set the resolution of the x and y axis to 150 dpi. You can use this opportunity to select the background colour for your banner, or leave it transparent if you wish to play with some imagery later on.

Click ok, and you may see this prompt come up


it’s fine to click “OK” unless your computer has a hard time dealing with this large of a file.


If you’re finding your choice of background colour was off, or you would like to add one, you can do so by going over to your tools palette and selecting the paint bucket tool. Pick the colour you wish to use, and click over your background layer.



This image processor uses a concept known as layers to accomplish creating your designs. You can create a new layer to put artwork on, and if you don’t like what’s going on with your image, you can toggle the layers on/off or delete them entirely.


To create a new layer, you can go to your layer palette and select create a new layer


You’ll be prompted to give the layer a size (it will be the size of your document by default, don’t change if not necessary)


Do you have an existing logo or graphic you need  included in your banner? Locate the file on your system and drag into GIMP your .ai/.eps/.pdf graphics. Set the resolution of the graphic to 150dpi.


If you need to use the scale tool, remember to click the small chain to keep the original proportions of the graphic intact.



Have some text you wish to put on your banners? In the tool palette, there will be a text tool. Click this, and drag out a box to fill with your desired text. A small dialogue box should have opened up to give you the chance to change your font and text size.


If you’ve completed your design, you can save your design using File > Export Image.

Be sure to select .jpg or .jpeg and rename your banner artwork with your order ID (You will have received this after checkout was completed) (IMAGE 11)



Ensure your jpeg is being saved as the maximum quality it can be (100) and click “Export”



Now you’ll be ready to upload your artwork for your brand new banner here: