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Are you tired of seeing overpriced and unreasonably expensive home decors? Everybody wants their homes to be decorated nice and elegantly, but artworks are just way too overpriced nowadays. A simple oil painting can take up to $200 out of your wallet! That’s $200 that you can take elsewhere and spend on something that’s much more worthwhile than a space-filler on your wall.

Good thing Signworld offers an economically friendly alternative. Not only does this alternative save you a ton of money, it also performs just as well as its $200 counterparts.

Introducing…… CANVAS ART PRINTS!

These products are digitally printed onto a special canvas media. The production time and workload is much much MUCH less than an actual oil painting, therefore cutting down the price you have to fork out to get your hands on one. But don’t be deceived, the cut on work and time does not translate to cut in quality. The turnout in terms of quality is near equal! Take a look at the photo below. Without revealing, you couldn’t even tell for yourself whether it’s digitally printed or hand-painted! Now picture having this up in your home somewhere. You’ve just saved a fortune, while gaining the same results as you would spending that fortune.

$27.99 CAD

Digital or Not?

Now lets talk about the potential that canvas prints offer. Paintings are NOT the only things you are restricted to printing! Do you have a personal favourite photo or image that you would like printed in a blown up size or use as a physical decor? Canvas Art Prints offer you an affordable way of accomplishing this. You can accomplish this and have your Canvas Art Print in no time and in just 3 Simple Steps:

1. Checkout after choosing your size, filter option, as well as border options

Step 1

2. Choose your shipping option

Step 2

3. Upload your Image

Step 3

You can expect your newly customized Canvas Art Print to arrive in your doorstep in a matter of 2 days!

Now that you know about this great affordable way to accomplish your home decor problem, hurry on and go get yours today!!

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Decorate Your Room with Canvas in Canada

Whenever the word “canvas” is brought up in the conversation, people always associate it with arts, oil paint, or perhaps photo canvas. For some people out there, canvas could mean a piece of art that their kids brought back from visual art class at school.

Canvas Painting


You can hang these paintings on the wall and put them on your table leaning against the wall. Basically, these painting are priceless and they are awesome and beautiful no matter where you place them in your house.

In the case if you are just not an artsy person, or even if your kids are not as talented in painting as you would like them to be, photo canvas or canvas art printing is the best alternative to decorate your house and workplace. Simply choose a favourite you would like to see on your canvas, send it to Signworld Canada Inc, and your canvas will be ready to ship in TWO days.

$27.99 CAD

$27.99 CAD

How does the ordering process work?

Ordering process is made easy with 3 easy steps.

  1. Select your canvas size.
  2. Check out
  3. Upload your favourite photo to us.


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