How to Correctly install a 16′ Custom Advertising Fabric Flag with Ground Spike

So you’ve purchased our extremely popular 16′ Advertising Flag, and you’re well on your way to getting started on advertising your brand. Having difficulties setting up? Well not to worry, because we’ve put together a simple tutorial to help you get your 16′ Advertising Flag upright and ready for use! Here are some of the steps that you need to follow:

  • The first step is to remove the contents of the flag out of the box. The items should include the flag fabric, the aluminum flagpole (made of 4 pieces), and the ground spike (the only type of base attachment for this flag).DSC00148.JPG
  • Assemble the flagpole by connecting the 4 pieces together. The pieces are meant to be put together in order of diameter, with the larger diameter at the bottom, and the smallest at the top (top piece is also curved).


  • You will also notice that the flagpole pieces have dimples around their circumference. These dimples function as a stopper to prevent the pieces with smaller diameters from sliding into the pieces with bigger ones. It also acts as a marker that indicates which way the pole should face. The dimpled portion should be on top. 

Better Edit 2.jpgBetter Edit 3.jpg

Better Edit 4.jpg

  • Once the pole has been assembled, carefully slide the flag over the pole through the black fabric pocket along its spine. Make sure that the tip of the pole reaches the very end of the pocket, and that the fabric is pulled nice and taut. This will ensure that the flag looks appealing and functions correctly.
  • Now you will need to set up the ground spike up for the flag to stand on. You will need to hammer the ground spike into the ground. Ideally, it would be preferred to use a wooden or rubber mallet over a hammer, however as long as you’re hammering into the spike and not the stand you shouldn’t have any issues. Drive the ground spike as deep into the ground as it will go before the bottom part of the stand comes into contact with the ground.

Better Edit 1.jpgBetter Edit 5.jpg


  • Once the ground spike is securely stuck into the ground, you will place the base of the flagpole into the flag stand, connected to the ground spike.


Now that you’ve successfully installed the flags, you’re good to go! Let them help put you and your business on the map, and watch as the customers coming rushing in. Thank you for choosing Signworld Canada, and we look forward to seeing you again!






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