A common item ordered, that we unfortunately cannot install for our customers, are our advertising flag products. We’ve written out a basic but thorough guide for your convenience to help you out if you are tasked with the installation of our flag products!

It is imperative that these steps be followed closely, as the chance of a failure in either hardware or flag increases with misuse. To avoid this and save time, cost, and stress here some steps that you can follow to ensure that your Advertisement Flags are properly installed:

  • Remove the contents out of the Nylon Bag. The items should include the flag fabric, the flagpole (consisting of four smaller parts), a locking pin, a clip with key ring & bungee cord, and the base attachment (cross base or ground spike).DSC00130.JPG
  • Assemble the flagpole, by putting together the 4 parts. The pieces will all connect in order of size, with the largest piece being on the bottom and the smallest one on top. The first parts of the pole will be aluminum. The proceeding two will be fiberglass. The pieces should hold together ultimately by the tension of installation.DSC00131.JPG
  • Once you’ve connected all the parts to make a single pole, pass the pole through the black fabric pocket spine of the flag. Make sure that the pole slides all the way along the pocket until the tip of the pole reaches the end of the pocket. This will guarantee that the flag is nice and taut and will provide just enough tension to slightly curve the flagpole.
  • Place the bottom of the flagpole into the base attachment (cross base or ground spike). You will notice that there is a hole that runs through both the flagpole and base attachment. This will allow the locking pin to pass through, and keep the pole secured onto the base attachment.



        (Be sure to fold the pin around the flagpole to ensure that the pole is securely attached)

  • Now that the flag is standing upright, the final step is to use the bungee cord to tie the flag fabric to the pole. The bottom-most piece of the pole will have a small silver metal plate with a hole. The clip/carabiner is meant to attach to the silver plate. Once the clip is attached on, you will pass the bungee cord through the key ring as well as the grommet at the beginning of the black fabric pocket spine of the flag. You will then tie the cord such that the flag is pulled taut over the pole.DSC00138.JPGDSC00139.JPG


Congratulations! You have now successfully installed an advertisement flag, and are ready for your brand and logo to be put on display for the world to see. I would just like to note for your reference, that the base attachment spins, and as such the flag should be able to rotate at the base attachment when blowing in the wind. If the flag is not spinning then you have not installed the flag correctly. If you follow the above instructions you won’t have any trouble. Thank you for choosing Signworld Canada! We wish you the very best of luck in your future advertisement campaigns. 






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