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3 Quick Tips For a Winning Trade Show Booth Display Package

Trade Show Booth Display Package

Summer is coming, and with it, some of the hottest trade shows and conventions of the year, in multiple industries: the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show, the Burlington Home and Better Living Show, and of course, the Toronto FanExpo. Every business needs to attend these events to pursue new customers and hang onto their loyal ones. Here are three quick tips to make sure that you stand out from the crowd and avoid getting lost in it.
Make It Bright:

LED Lights Wave Tube Display

The old adage in marketing goes that if your customers can’t find you, they can’t buy from you. This is especially true at trade shows and conferences. Your Trade Show Booth Package should be bright and well lit, drawing attentnion to you and the wonderful things your company does. To this end, make sure you’ve got enough lighting, like our LED lights for our Pop-Up Displays and Wave Tube Displays.

Give Them Something to Remember You By:

Literature Racks

While some customers and clients might be snapping photos of the good times they’ll have with you and your company, most will visit your booth, ask some questions, and maybe file you away for later consideration. You want them to remember you when they get back to the office and empty out their bags. That’s why you want to include a literature rack¬†or Magazine Stand in your booth package. Leads can walk away with a pamphlet or catalog showing everything you can do for them, and it might just nudge them toward making the right decision.

Consistent Branding -- Magnum Wear Parts
Consistent Branding:

Rustic, charming, and haphazard might work for certain kinds of businesses, but when you set up your Trade Show Booth Package, you want a well-integrated stage upon which you act out your role as Successful Entrepreneur. Everything should be representative of your business’ identity, from the 10′ Pop-Up Display backdrops, to the Table Throws, to the aforementioned brochures and flyers. You don’t want to rush this. Hire a graphic designer — a good one — and give them all the instruction they need to ensure that your brand’s identity is consistent across all of your promotional material.

Consider this your quick and easy “cheat sheet” when you’re putting together your next Trade Show Booth Display Package.