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Outdoor LED Lightboxes Light the Way

We here at Signworld Canada don’t limit ourselves to worrying about your trade show and convention presence — we want to help you promote yourselves in every aspect of your business. It’s why we offer everything from the full-on Trade Show Display Booth Package to Street Pole Banners. And what’s more important for a Canadian business than the sign that hangs right outside your door?GNW01-2T

The Outdoor LED Light Box Sign is a classic way to let passersby know who you are and why you’re there: you’ve probably seen them hanging outside of establishments as diverse as the local Pub or the ubiquitous Starbucks. There’s a good reason these business jump on board the LED Outdoor Light Box Train: they work, and they work well.

Think about it for a minute. Potential customers can see your business fine in the daytime, but you really want to stand out in the darkness of night. An LED Outdoor Light Box can help you there; the light is right in the name.

But what if you already have a few lights illuminating your awning, or that flat, static sign that hangs above your window? Well, unless you sign juts out a foot or two into the street, your patrons will have to wait until they’re right on top of you before they even know you’re there. An LED Outdoor Light Box can be bolted to your front wall, so people can see it all the way down the street. They might be turning into your competitor, but when they catch a glimpse of your bright sign, displaying your snazzy logo, or maybe even an image of some of the delicious food you serve… well, maybe they’ll change their minds.