Advantages of Trade Show Packages

Trade Show Package Banner

The Trade Show Packages offered at Signworld Canada Inc. are separated into different tiers, so there is a package that is suitable for anyone. Whether you are a first time vendor, or someone who has lots of experience already, there is a package on the website suitable for you.

The Silver Class Package is perfect for first time vendors because it offers the essentials that one needs for a basic booth. The package comes with a Telescopic Banner Stand, the33″ Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand, and the 4-Pocket Mesh Portable Literature Stand for Trade Shows.


The Gold Class Package is excellent for vendors who are more conscience about the appearance of their booth. The Premium Retractable Banner Stand provides a cleaner and professional look. The 10′ Wave Tube Display adds a very elegant feel to the booth and creates a spacious environment and allows for an excellent presentation platform. This package upgrades the 4-Pocket Mesh Portable Literature Stand for Trade Shows to the 8-Pocket Mesh Portable Literature Stand for Trade Shows.


The Gold Class Essential Package is a variation from the previous Gold Class Packagementioned. It substitutes the 8-Pocket Mesh Portable Literature Stand for Trade Show with a 6ft 3-Sided Table Throw, providing vendors with a beautiful yet professional look to their booth. The 6ft 3-Sided Table Throw allows for vendors to print graphics such as their own logo, allowing them to add a sense of consistency to their booth’s appearance.


The Platinum Class Package is the following tier up in terms of presentation and professionalism. The 10′ Fabric Pop-Up Display provides a solid backdrop for your booth and offers a beautifully printed graphic. Its design allows it to be easily packaged and set up in a matter of seconds. The Premium Retractable Banner Stand is upgraded into the36″ Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand – Pro Line-Up. The base has a beautifully finished chrome touch as well as a much sturdier appearance. The mesh literature stands are upgraded to the metal 6-Pocket Pop-Up Folding Magazine Stands. This product is a one-piece build and can be easily assembled and put away.

TSP-P01 revised

Lastly, the Diamond Class Package is at the top of the line. It includes the best products in each category which consists of the 10′ Fabric Pop-Up Display, the 36″ Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand – Pro Line-Up, as well as the 6ft 3-Sided Table Throw . It is the definition of professionalism and elegance, all combined into one package.


The above are the different trade show packages offered by Signworld Canada Inc. They benefit people of all sorts, whether it is your first trade show, or a countless one, all these packages have something to offer to everyone! They let you leave the hardware to them, so that you can focus on your software and your audience!


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