Neon Liquid Chalk Markers: The Advantages

Other than looking bright and colourful, did you know that there are other benefits and advantageous reasons as to why Neon Liquid Chalk Markers are better than traditional chalk? We’ve listed a few of them below. Take a look at them and consider whether or not Liquid Chalk Markers are the suitable alternative for you.


One longtime drawback of the traditional chalk has always been the enormous amount of dust that comes with using them. Wiping them clean from the chalkboard is a major inconvenience and distastefulness, especially for those who are extra sensitive to dust. Not to mention the many health problems that may result of excess contact with dust. Health problems such as respiratory issues can all easily be triggered by regular contact with dust, and chalk dust is no different. Some examples of serious respiratory issues include: asthma, tuberculosis, and allergies.

The dusty particles also make cleaning them off the writing surface a major hassle. Not to mention the burdening smears that are caused by the dust of chalks, these reasons of inconvenience alone should be enough to make one develop a distaste for traditional chalk usage.

Liquid Chalk Markers offer an alternative to traditional chalks. They leave no traces of dust whatsoever and the only smears you’ll get can easily be washed off with a simple rinse of water. Wiping off of the writing surface is also easier than ever. With just a lightly dabbed tissue, your board can be wiped crisp clean in a matter of seconds.


Enhanced Clarity

The visibility of writings done with liquid chalk markers are exponentially increased compared to traditional chalk. The smooth and precise colour trail, along with the vibrant neon selection of colours, allow for the messages written with these markers to be seen from a much greater distance. The solid definition of writing produced by the markers also add to the clarity and readability of the neon markers.

MarkerLarge 2


Regular chalk is exposed to easily breaking for reasons such as a simple fall or a slight excessive exert of pressure when writing. Along with that is the lack of comfort when writing with them. Liquid Chalk Markers are ergonomically designed to keep your hands pain-free when you write with them, as well as preventing them from staining your hands or breaking due to pressure. handjointpain


Liquid Chalk Markers allow you to practically write on any flat smooth surface you find necessary. Unlike regular chalk, which are restricted in surfaces that they are compatible with, Liquid Chalk Markers can be written on just about any surface, including slippery ones.

As you can see, Liquid Chalk Markers make a no-brainer substitute for the traditional chalk. Whether it be for health, practical, or convenience reasons, Liquid Chalk Markers are the better alternative. We at Signworld Canada offer two sizes of Liquid Chalk Markers: Large and Small


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