The Benefits of Canvas Art Printing

Do you have a photo or image that you treasure and want to show to everyone? Maybe a photo of your wedding, a newborn, an anniversary, or a memorable vacation?


Our Canvas Art Printing offers an affordable way for you to give life to these memories and display them anywhere you want. With our numerous variations and sizes, you can mix and match any combination you can think of and select from a number of different orientations. Our selections include

1. Photo Canvas Print – Square,

2. Photo Canvas Print – Digital Camera (4:3),

3. Photo Canvas Print – Digital SLR Camera (3:2),

4. Photo Canvas Print – Panorama

5. Photo Canvas Print – Side-by-Side Panels

6. Photo Canvas Print – Top-and-Bottom Panels

7. Photo Canvas Print – Triple Side-By-Side

8. Photo Canvas Print – Triple Stacked

9. Photo Canvas Print – Quadruple Rectangles

10. Photo Canvas Print – Quadruple Squares

11. Photo Canvas Print – 5-Piece Panorama Wave

Your images are printed in-house from our premium printers and are handcrafted through a unique treatment process so that the canvases last longer than ones you may find elsewhere. Our canvas prints are also guaranteed to turn out looking clear and crisp due to our resolution requirements for images that customers send us.


We also provide many extra services free of charge when it comes to our Canvas Art Prints. Our design team have a selection of great looking filters that add a bit of spice to your photos. We have a large selection of 14 different styles, so there is one for everyone.


Aside from the filters are our canvas wrapped borders. Here, we offer 4 different wrapping methods, each with its own unique advantages. Our “Straight Wrap” method is wrapped in a way that your entire image covers the canvas, utilizing the original edges of your photo as the border for your canvas. The “Stretch Wrap” method allows you to keep your entire original image intact, while stretching the edges of your image so that the area used to wrap your border are not part of your original image. The “Colour Border Wrap” method allows you to choose any colour you want to be your border. This method also allows you to keep your entire original image intact, but instead of using excess parts of your image, a solid colour is used instead. Our final wrapping method, which is also a customer favourite, is the “Mirror Border Wrap”. This border creates a reflection effect on the edges, giving it a unique and eye-catching look. This method also keeps your original image completely intact on the front of the canvas.


Our Canvas Art Prints make excellent gift choices for anyone. Our loyal and satisfied customers return time and time again because they are just so happy with the reaction they get when they gift our Canvas Art Prints. But don’t take our word for it, you need to try it first-hand to know exactly what we’re talking about!


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