Something Old, Something New: Finding New Revenue in Old Products


The blog over at Technifold knows about this all too well:

“You’re the third printer to stop in this morning…
Sorry, we already have 4 print vendors…
Give me one good reason I should do business with you
instead of the 7 other guys on this street…”

That’s the kind of response I heard in my years on the street. Fortunately we had a specialty (short-run books and manuals) that gave us some unique capabilities.

One way around these objections is to make life as easy as possible for them.

Our suggestion?

Businesses often hold seasonal sales, so why not make it easy for them by providing seasonal templates?

Let’s say you have an old customer who’s gotten some vinyl banners printed from you to promote their business. They might think they don’t need anything else — after all, the old banner still works fine, and their message is getting out there.

But you know better.

Because Winter is Coming — or Valentine’s Day — or Thanksgiving — or Summer Vacation — or, well, you get the idea. And that old banner could always use a more festive-minded touch-up.

Using stock images or your own in-house graphic designer,  you can have a number of templates drawn up , ready for customers to have their logos, text, and messages dropped into.

Clients love it because it saves them from having to hire a graphic designer, and you’ll love it because clients love when you make things as easy as possible. Love love love.

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