Changing the Conversation: Selling Healthy When You Can’t Sell Cheap


If you’re in the healthy foods or living industry, you’ve probably noticed one particular fact that’s hard for most consumers to wrap their heads around: the healthiest option is not always the cheapest.

The healthy option always has the perception of being the pricier option:  just look at Booster Juice vs. the McDouble.

But even if this is true, it doesn’t have to look that way. You can market your health product or service so that your target demographic doesn’t think “I can’t afford that” but “I can’t afford not to afford that.”

Let’s say you’re heading to the Total Health Show and you’re redesigning your brand image. You’re going all out: large backdrop display, handouts, stickers, banner stand — your only problem is that you look at who’s booked next to you, and it’s some cheap thing that couldn’t possibly do what it claims to. It’s not nearly as healthy as your product, but it has an advantage — a much lower price point. You might not be able to beat your competitor on price, but there a few ways you can use design and marketing to show visitors why your product is tops:

  • Use an infographic to compare traditional products with yours. Instead of comparing the initial out of pocket expense, focus on how customers only have to purchase one of your products compared to the other guys 4.


  • Get the research: your product is proven to increase or decrease levels of x, which can lead to an increase in lifespan of x years — or an average loss of x inches — or an increase in energy — or whatever. Don’t even mention the price on your large displays if you can — you want price to be of secondary concern.


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