Be a Trade Show Superstar!

While the marketing world may seem like it’s shifting inexorably into the cloud, becoming more and more focused on Skype meetings and organic Google searches instead of sales calls and lead prospecting, there’s still one place where everyone knows they can get the sales leads that they need: the trade show.

The Hubspot Marketing Blog offers up “75 Tips to Generate Sales Leads From a Trade Show” in a free presentation via Slideshare that are invaluable tips for any company, from start-ups to mid-fielders to established brands.

Here’s a snippet:

“In the internet age, trade shows shouldn’t be your sole source of leads….

But most every industry has one event that is the event. Everyone who’s anyone attends, and that includes your customers, competitors, and a heaping helping of potential buyers. Your company simply must be represented on the vendor floor — no ifs, ands, or buts about it.”

The Trade Show is still one of the fastest, easiest ways to find prospects, because everyone is guaranteed to be there for one purpose: to find that company that can help them do great things. To find you, basically.

Here are a few choice tips:

5) Email coupons to current customers ahead of the event, telling them to turn them in at your booth for a special gift.

10) Look into becoming a speaker for a panel or roundtable discussion. – See more at:

34) Attend panels and presentations, and network with prospects or potential business partners who may be able to work out a reciprocal referral program with you. – See more at:

Follow the link for more, and, of course, help set yourself up for success by visitng Signworld Canada for all the nitty-gritty physical booth stuff:


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