How LED Light Fixtures Can Help You Save A LOT of Money

A lot of people are still skeptical about using LED Light Bulbs in their homes and DIY projects — but they shouldn’t be, especially not when the price of LEDs has dropped to these levels! Here are a few reasons why choosing LED Light Fixtures may be the smartest lighting decision you ever make. deluxe-design-home-pool-ceiling-led-lighting

LEDs use less energy than Incandescent or Compact Flourescent (CFL) Bulbs:

An incandescent bulb will typically use 60 watts to emit 750-900 lumens of light — a watt being the method of measuring how much power a device consumes. By contrast, the same level of lumens can be emitted from a CFL Bulb that consumes just 13-18 watts. But the clear winner is the LED Bulb, which consumes a tiny 6-8 watts to emit the same quality of light. To put this into financial terms, The average price of electricity in Ontario is around $0.15 per kwh. If you’re using a typical Incandescent bulb, you’re using 525.6 kwh/year. This translates into an energy consumption cost of $78.84. A CFL? That’s cost you the slightly lower price of $12.04-23.65 per year. An LED bulb will only cost you $7.88-10.51!

LEDs last longer than other bulbs:

Hemming and hawing because LED bulbs cost “more” than traditional, cheap incandescent bulbs? Think long-term: The average life of a traditional incandescent bulb is 1200 hours, while a CFL will last about 10 times that. An LED bulb can last up to 50,000 hours, 5 times greater than a CFL bulb, and 50 times greater than the old filament bulb. That means you’ll be buying a lot fewer light bulbs over time when you purchase LED light fixtures.

LEDs are brighter than other bulbs:

LEDs offer a more directional light than other traditional bulbs — which means that you get brighter light where you need it most, without any waste. This saves you time, and, consequently, money. You’ll be able to get by with one very bright LED light fixture, as opposed to two or more dim incandescent light bulbs.

Try out an LED light fixture today, and start saving!


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