4 Awesome DIY Ways to Man-Up Your Man Cave

The key to a good Man Cave is good ambiance. And what’s the best way to achieve good ambiance?


Lighting can turn an old room into a cozy study or a dank parlor. Here are 4 ways you can use awesome lighting to take your inner sanctum from “Former Child’s Bedroom” to “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.”

Just remember — don’t try this at home unless you’re an experienced hobbyist. LED’s still pack enough electricity to be a shock or fire hazard.

A Drum Light Made From an Actual Drum:

drum light.jpg


You can really turn up the volume in your musically-inspired man cave by turning an old, busted drum into a cool hanging lamp shade. This tutorial suggests buying a pendant light kit, but a modified LED Down Light would provide brighter, more energy-efficient light at a fraction of the overall power cost.

Back-Lit Silhouettes and Posters:

batman LED sign

A man cave should be a place where a man can be surrounded by his personality; his passions, his interests, and his 2-foot wide Batman emblems. Give your posters and other art a cool glow when the lights go out by hanging them over LED Down lights installed into a wall, or by attaching LED Strip Lights to the back of them.

LED Coasters:

LED light up coaster

A man cave should, above all else, be dim, if not dark — it mirrors the feeling one has stepping into an old lodge or your favorite pub. The only trouble is that you might not be able to see your beer from time to time. That’s where this project comes in – Light-Up LED Coasters.

Our LED Downlights are flat, which makes them perfect for modifying into light-up coasters. You can even use a selection of LED modules if you’re feeling gutsy enough to build one from scratch.

Show Off Your Video Game Collection:

video game console spotlight shelves LEDs


Even as Grown Men, we still love our electronic toys. In the recesses of our man caves, not only do we want to play our favorite games, we want to show off our collections, too. The clever use of LED Down Lights installed into the tops of basic shelves can really help show off what your passionate about, whether its video games, props, sports memorabilia, or books.

You can purchase all of these LED products at our main consumer website, CanadianDisplay.ca.


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