4 Ways to Use LED Lights That Will Change Your Life

LEDs are the lighting solution of the future: there are no other lighting technologies as energy efficient, inexpensive, or versatile as the humble LED. We all know that LED Downlights can be used as basic lighting fixtures in place of incandescent bulbs, but they can also be used in many places where incandescent — and even compact fluorescent — light bulbs simply cannot be.

Just remember — don’t try this at home unless you’re experienced with installing light fixtures. LED’s still pack enough electricity to be a shock or fire hazard.

Show off Your Wear:

closet lighting ideas

All it takes is some ingenuity, work, and —  of course — a few LED Light Fixtures — and you can have a closet worthy of being shown off instead of tucked away. Go with warm light so that it feels like a natural part of your home, and getting dressed int he morning will feel a little more glamorous.

Illuminate Your Drawers:

led drawer light downlight strip

Stop fumbling around in the dark for, ironically, that flashlight. Now your drawers can light up every time you open them! Install LED downlight fixtures into your cabinets, or use the Flexible Color changing LED Light Strip Kit to shine some light on your messy drawer situation.

Watch Your Step with LED Stair Lights:

LED downlight light stairs interactive safety.jpg

That late night trek into the kitchen won’t be so precarious when you install your own Interactive LED Stair Lights. Use the Bright White lights to save money, energy, and maybe even your life when you’re wondering around in the dark.

Make Your Fridge Brighter:

led fridge light strip

Now, ponder whether ALL of the lights go off when you close the refrigerator, and improve your ability to check expiration dates, by installing simple new lighting with LED strips or modules.

You can purchase all of these LED products at our main consumer website, CanadianDisplay.ca.



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