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What is LED IP Ranking?

IP Ranings are here to specify the amount of protection the LED received from the elements. The IP stands for Ingress Protection. Each IP Ranking has 2 numbers. The first number refers to the protection against solid objects (dust, etc) and the second number refers to liquid protection. Look below for our chart on IP Ratings.

LED Modules in Canada

LED Modules in Canada


Banner stands in Canada

24" XBannerStand

24″ XBannerStand

In this article, you will learn how to avoid paying duties and custom brokerage fees.

Have you ever came across a website that sells really cheap banner stands in the states? (When I say banner stands, it could be anything you buy via websites in United States)

You know it’s very tempting to buy cheap banner stands from a US website, but at the same time wondering if all of this is too good to be true. You bought it anyway because it is the cheapest banner stands you find online. Couple weeks later, You received a huge bill of Customs Brokerage Fees from UPS. In the end, you ended up paying twice as much as you would pay on a Canadian website.

The fact is, everything you buy and shipped via USP or USPS in US creates a huge hassle at Canadian border. Shipping companies such as UPS or USPS will charge you with hundreds of dollars on the broker fees just to clear your items at the border.

With Signworld Canada, you will never have to worry about paying duties and customs brokerage fees.


33″ Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand

The Best yet Affordable LED Modules Are Now in Canada

At Signworld Canada, we proudly brought you the most power, efficient, yet affordable LED Modules. Our LED modules are starting at $1.5 CAD per piece with UL Certification. They are guaranteed to last 7 times longer than your florescent lighting so don’t you worry about our LED’s durability.


Signworld Canada

If somehow, our LED Module deals are not convincing enough, we’ve done the homework for you. Here is a comparison on our LEDs and the conventional LEDs you see elsewhere.



Our LED requires less amount of modules to achieve the same or greater amount of lumens.

At Signworld Canada, we want you save up front and save in the long run.


Order A Banner Stand with Print at Signworld Canada in 3 Easy Steps

Ordering a banner stand with print at www.canadiandisplay.ca is easier than you think. We’ve broken down the ordering process into three different steps for you to follow:

Step1: Proceed to Checkout

Go to any of our banner stand product page. Select “Yes” to the graphics option, add to cart, and proceed to checkout.



Step2: Upload Your Graphic

*After filling out your credit card information and complete an ordering process, you will be given an order number. Keep in mind to name your artwork/images as your order number.

Now, click on Artwork Upload located at the top of the website.



At the bottom of the page, click on the Upload Now Image. You will be redirected to a website to enter your email, your artwork, and our email(graphic@canadiandisplay.ca). Click transfer to send us your artwork!



Step3: Shipping

We’ll ship out your order within 2 business days with a tracking number emailed to you.


How to Set Up Your Trade Show and Job Fair Booth?

Remember those days when we’re asked to set up a presentation for our grade 10 science class? Or perhaps prepared a presentation board for a final project? It was the most time consuming thing in the world to come up with a presentation board that would wow your teachers and colleagues. You would go to Staples. Buy some cardboard pieces and spend a whole afternoon putting all the pieces together.

Well, thankfully you don’t have to worry about it with a Velcro Presentation Display Board. Whether you are at a trade show or a job fair, simply use this as a reusable table top display. You will be able to transform your graphics and accessories in and out in seconds with the Velcro designed on both sides of the panel.

3 Panel Velcro Presentation Display Board

3 Panel Velcro Presentation Display Board

The three Velcro fabric panels allow you to customize your display by adding literature pockets, graphics, and other presentation accessories.With Velcro fabric on both sides you can easily have two different displays on hand and use it for different occasions. With this product, there’s no limitation on how you can display your messages. Put them in straight, zigzag, or backdrop you are in total control.

How to Market Your Local Business Offline?

Remember the good old days when internet was mostly used for emails and IE web browsing? Most businesses were marketing and advertising themselves the old fashion way; seeing its marketing results almost instantly. Nowadays, Internet marketing and advertising is becoming the norm for every business. And sadly, we’re closely on the edge of abandoning true advertising and opting instead for website banners and viral video marketing. However, is online marketing the best marketing strategy you want to adopt? Or instead of competing against 1 million more same-looking Google Ads, you can reach out to your community, and present your ideas to them. Check out these steps on how to market your local business offline.

Step1: Participate in a trade show

Setting up a booth at a trade show could be the best option for small businesses with all kind of benefits. If You are at a place with all the people having common interests, you have definitely narrow down your target audience. To even show off your products, designs, and pictures, having a banner stand in a trade show is really essential. You can get a good quality one with only $19.99 CAD! 

24" XBannerStand

24″ XBannerStand

Aside from the banner stands, a stylish portable literature stand will definitely attract tons of attentions from people walking by.

6-Pocket Pop-Up Folding Magazine Stand

6-Pocket Pop-Up Folding Magazine Stand

Step 2: Sports Team Sponsorship

Step 3: Magazine Ads

Step 4: Local Radio Ads

Step 5: Networking

LED versus Fluorescent

While more than half of the world is still using fluorescent and Incandescent lighting/ light bulb, we will start off with the advantages of using fluorescent lighting.

Benefits of fluorescent lighting:

  • Less Expensive
  • Reduces Air and Water Pollution
  • High-Quality Light
  • Versatile

Now that’s talk about the reasons why the world has to shift towards LED.

Benefits of LED lighting:

  • Long-Lasting
  • Durable
  • Cool
  • Mercury-Free
  • More efficient
  • Cost effective

Although the initial cost of the LED could be a little bit higher than fluorescent, it is proven that LED will save more on the long run. As a result, all LED appliances are more Eco-Friendly and should save you up lots of money.

Check out our Eco-Friendly LED Light Boxes!

Eco-Friendly Restaurant Menu LED Slim Light Box 19″x26″

Eco-Friendly Restaurant Menu LED Slim Light Box 26″x35.5″

Eco-Friendly Window Crystal Light Box 20.5″x28″

Eco-Friendly Window Crystal Light Box 28″x35.5″

How to install a Roll-Up Retractable Banner Stand?

This installation guide only works for the Roll-Up Retractable Banner Stands from Signworld USA, Fantastic Displays, and Signworld Canada.

We carry the best Roll-up Retractable Banner Stands in the industry


33″ Roll-up Retractable Banner Stand

We and our manufacturer make sure that all of our roll-up retractable banner stands are made of premium material such a light weight durable aluminum and robust durable plastic.

Trust me, they are the best banner stands for trade show or exhibit event. You can also place them in your restaurants and coffee shop to attract more customers.

Roll Up Retractable Banner Stand can be easily set up in seconds. There is no need to fumble around for your banner, when not in use the graphic is safely stored inside the anodized aluminum casing for future use. A telescopic pole allows you to adjust your banner height anywhere between 34″ and 78″, giving you maximum versatility. Order now and receive a nylon traveling bag absolutely free!

Your One Step Solution for Signs/Displays in Canada


CanadianDisplay.ca offers free shipping and free custom brokerage fees for all items shipping to Canada. Don’t you worry about extra hidden fees with us, because we will take care of them all.

We want you to LOVE shopping with us, and we wish you a very success in your business!

Thank you for choosing canadianDisplay.ca.

Email us if you have any question: service@canadiandisplay.ca