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How to Market Your Local Business Offline?

Remember the good old days when internet was mostly used for emails and IE web browsing? Most businesses were marketing and advertising themselves the old fashion way; seeing its marketing results almost instantly. Nowadays, Internet marketing and advertising is becoming the norm for every business. And sadly, we’re closely on the edge of abandoning true advertising and opting instead for website banners and viral video marketing. However, is online marketing the best marketing strategy you want to adopt? Or instead of competing against 1 million more same-looking Google Ads, you can reach out to your community, and present your ideas to them. Check out these steps on how to market your local business offline.

Step1: Participate in a trade show

Setting up a booth at a trade show could be the best option for small businesses with all kind of benefits. If You are at a place with all the people having common interests, you have definitely narrow down your target audience. To even show off your products, designs, and pictures, having a banner stand in a trade show is really essential. You can get a good quality one with only $19.99 CAD! 

24" XBannerStand

24″ XBannerStand

Aside from the banner stands, a stylish portable literature stand will definitely attract tons of attentions from people walking by.

6-Pocket Pop-Up Folding Magazine Stand

6-Pocket Pop-Up Folding Magazine Stand

Step 2: Sports Team Sponsorship

Step 3: Magazine Ads

Step 4: Local Radio Ads

Step 5: Networking