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The Best yet Affordable LED Modules Are Now in Canada

At Signworld Canada, we proudly brought you the most power, efficient, yet affordable LED Modules. Our LED modules are starting at $1.5 CAD per piece with UL Certification. They are guaranteed to last 7 times longer than your florescent lighting so don’t you worry about our LED’s durability.


Signworld Canada

If somehow, our LED Module deals are not convincing enough, we’ve done the homework for you. Here is a comparison on our LEDs and the conventional LEDs you see elsewhere.



Our LED requires less amount of modules to achieve the same or greater amount of lumens.

At Signworld Canada, we want you save up front and save in the long run.



LED versus Fluorescent

While more than half of the world is still using fluorescent and Incandescent lighting/ light bulb, we will start off with the advantages of using fluorescent lighting.

Benefits of fluorescent lighting:

  • Less Expensive
  • Reduces Air and Water Pollution
  • High-Quality Light
  • Versatile

Now that’s talk about the reasons why the world has to shift towards LED.

Benefits of LED lighting:

  • Long-Lasting
  • Durable
  • Cool
  • Mercury-Free
  • More efficient
  • Cost effective

Although the initial cost of the LED could be a little bit higher than fluorescent, it is proven that LED will save more on the long run. As a result, all LED appliances are more Eco-Friendly and should save you up lots of money.

Check out our Eco-Friendly LED Light Boxes!

Eco-Friendly Restaurant Menu LED Slim Light Box 19″x26″

Eco-Friendly Restaurant Menu LED Slim Light Box 26″x35.5″

Eco-Friendly Window Crystal Light Box 20.5″x28″

Eco-Friendly Window Crystal Light Box 28″x35.5″