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How to Set Up Your Trade Show and Job Fair Booth?

Remember those days when we’re asked to set up a presentation for our grade 10 science class? Or perhaps prepared a presentation board for a final project? It was the most time consuming thing in the world to come up with a presentation board that would wow your teachers and colleagues. You would go to Staples. Buy some cardboard pieces and spend a whole afternoon putting all the pieces together.

Well, thankfully you don’t have to worry about it with a Velcro Presentation Display Board. Whether you are at a trade show or a job fair, simply use this as a reusable table top display. You will be able to transform your graphics and accessories in and out in seconds with the Velcro designed on both sides of the panel.

3 Panel Velcro Presentation Display Board

3 Panel Velcro Presentation Display Board

The three Velcro fabric panels allow you to customize your display by adding literature pockets, graphics, and other presentation accessories.With Velcro fabric on both sides you can easily have two different displays on hand and use it for different occasions. With this product, there’s no limitation on how you can display your messages. Put them in straight, zigzag, or backdrop you are in total control.