Banner Hem Tape versus Sewn Hem

Normally, a professional sign shop or a print shop provides three different kinds of outdoor banner finishing. Outdoor banners can be finished with pole pockets, a sewn hem, or a banner hem tape. Since pole pockets are not as popular as the rest of the finishing, we will be comparing the Banner Hem Tape and the more traditional sewn Hem.

Heavy Duty Banner Hem Tape

Heavy Duty Banner Hem Tape

A sewn hem is a double stitched edge along all side of the banner that run through an industrial sewing machine. Although it provides a great amount of strength, the threads can be easily spotted with a full color bleed banner, and the banner can potentially suffered from fraying over time. Making the banner look old before it’s been taken down. Sign shops and print shops generally spend thousands of the dollars on an industrial sewing machine. As a result, It does not seem like a good cost-effective hemming solution for newer print shops.

Heavy Duty Banner Hem Tape

Heavy Duty Banner Hem Tape

Banner Hem Tape is a highly tack, double sided banner tape. In general, it gives outdoor banners a cleaner finished look. Most of the sign shops and print shops are already using it for more than 80 percent of your banners. You will never have to worry about it getting worn down by weather nor showing unwanted stitches on the sides. A banner hem tape finished banner is the most cost-effective hemming solution for your print shop. Order now and start saving!




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